"Always dive with a buddy, you reduce your risk of shark attack by fifty percent."


I recently earned my Open Water Diver certification from PADI. This is the basic diving certification available from PADI and opens a door to a whole new world of exploration. I've always enjoyed the water and the ocean in particular. I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to try SCUBA diving before. While even recreational diving requires attention to safety and some basic skills in the water, the chance to enjoy the world under the surface is open to almost anyone with a desire to do so. I have to say that the small number of dives under my belt have only intensified my desire to pursue this exciting sport.

Me and Alex diving

Looking off into several hundred feet of water with my dive buddy Alex behind me, Cozumel, Mexico.


Cozumel, an island off of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula boasts some world class diving just a short flight from the United States. A regular current runs north between the island and the mainland providing fantastic visibility and huge coral heads and walls. While in Cozumel I stayed at a small hotel call Scuba Club Cozumel. This is a diver centric hotel and while not a luxury resort, a friendly staff and walking distance to town make it a great choice. Here are some shots of my recent visit.

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