"Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here"

Welcome to my website. I made this site as a way to organize my thoughts, post my photos and projects, and generally maintain some type of interwebs [sic] presence.

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What I've been up to...

My friend and I celebrated the Fourth of July this summer handing out about forty care packages to the homeless in Raleigh, NC. Packages had fruit, crackers, bandaids, antacid, wet-wipes, peanuts, candy, etc... It was a hot day and we had several cases of water on hand as well.

Items for the homeless

Bags of items for the homeless.

What I was up to...

After roaming around the Sacramento downtown and riverfront areas I was struck by the large number of homeless persons I saw. A couple of the organizations that provide food and other services regularly have twenty to forty people outside at any given time. I saw some people providing food out of the back of vehicles and immediately wanted to do something myself. I just finished handing out my one hundred and first care package to homeless persons in Sacramento. The bags had an assortment of items that varied from batch to batch; socks, water, crackers, cookies, candy, pudding, applesauce, peanuts, apples, wet-wipes, hand sanitizer, band-aids, etc... The socks and the water were very popular. I asked what they needed and one person told me "anything they can wear or eat". I think that about sums it up.

Items for the homeless

First batch of items for the homeless.

This site is a work in progress

My previous site had several pages and some good photos and links but I had put it together using Microsoft Publisher. Big mistake. What looked fine in IE was not even functional in Firefox. I wanted to work on the HTML underlying the site, nothing doing. Let’s just say that using Microsoft Publisher was a short term solution to a long term problem. I searched for freeware WYSISWYG web creators but could never find one that seemed intuitive. Many of those searches ended in emphatic statements from other web denizens to "open a text editor and start writing HTML by hand". Other than rudimentary text and paragraphs I simply didn’t have the time to learn HTML from scratch. Enter CSS and templates. This nice little template and CSS style sheet provided free by Dr. Harish Narayanan made it simple to modify for my own content. The idea of separating the style from the content was something I could understand. The template made it easy to change content without having to touch the style.



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all lines are down

All lines are down.

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